Firelab — Eliminate bugs with automated testing. No code required.

Hey Product Hunters, I built no-code testing tool that detects problems in your web application and you don’t need to learn complicated testing frameworks or write any code to use it.


I spend a lot of time writing and running integration tests and I hate doing it, which is probably why many indie makers don’t write tests.

I also discovered that many errors occur in the UI and are not detected by unit or integration tests. User’s expect the UI to work, and don’t care less if an integration test has passed on the server.


I built a no-code tool to make it easy to build and run tests in a browser on a regular schedule or when the code changes. Here’s how it works:

1. Create a list of actions using the UI, eg. click form button
2. Determine what you expect to happen, eg. HTTP 200 from /api/auth
3. Select a schedule: hourly, daily, weekly or when the code changes
4. Get alerted as soon as a test fails so you can take action

Unlike an integration test, Firelab tests are executed in a browser and simulate real user interactions, so it detects problems that an integration tests could miss.

Firelab can be used by designers, programmers and product managers. You don’t need to be a developer and there’s no need to learn complex testing frameworks and write or maintain code. You simply build the tests in the browser and schedule when to run them.


My vision for Firelab is to create an AI-based testing suite where developers don’t need to create *any* tests. Firelab will navigate the app organically and report the bugs.

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– Kyle Gawley




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