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Hey y’all ????

I am excited to launch getworkrecognized on Product Hunt today.

I started getworkrecognized during the time I was working at Klarna, one of the biggest fintech companies in Europe. We had a promotion cycle that was scheduled twice per year and for that, we always needed to write the following documents:
– A self-review of your own achievements
– A review of every other colleague you have worked with for a longer time (360° reviews)

I struggled most often with the self-review, questioning what I actually worked on the past 6 months and how it could be quantified. That’s when I decided to track my work. I tried note-taking apps but was not convinced, especially because Klarna worked a lot around their Leadership Principles. Leadership principles are simple behavioral skills that you should follow when working at one of the companies having them at their core. You can find an overview of many companies offering these “guides” here:…

I have used this tool for around 2 years now, and it actually got me promoted twice in the time I have been at Klarna. The brag document or self-review concept really seems to be working and can give you the small extra step to convince your manager to get promoted. So feel free to give it a try

– Kevin Peters




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