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My name is David. My Cofounder Aneesh and I are the makers of Kadenza. I left my tech job in San Francisco to produce music and quickly noticed how difficult it was to share audio and large “stem” files, get feedback on my work, and project manage my music from demo to final iterations without paying for redundant software subscriptions.

Unfortunately, not many musicians earn a living wage from their releases yet pay over $1000 per single between writing, production, mixing, and mastering. With Kadenza we wanted to improve the music workflow in a way that didn’t require stitching together expensive subscriptions like Dropbox, Trello, SoundCloud, and WeTransfer. We seek to build products for musicians that often resort to group texts, long email threads, and individual link sharing to manage their work.

Some of the features we included in v1:

1. Editable Share Links – Send a single link to your music that you can add/remove files or modify permissions on.

2. Customizable Share Link Permissions: Create links to your music that are comment-only or fully include download and upload.

3. Activity Feed Notifications – Get automatic updates when collaborators leave feedback on your music
Lossless audio streaming – No audio compression so that this tool is efficient for mixing feedback.

We look forward to your feedback, but specifically:
• What are the main issues with the app that we should focus on?
• What features should we add in to make the product more valuable to musicians?

Any advice that can help us improve is appreciated. Our only goal is to build a workspace for musicians to use alongside their instruments. We intend to eventually create a paid product for music teams/power users while keeping it free for individual musicians.

Thanks so much,

David Chengazhacherril

– David Chengazhacherril




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