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Hey ProductHunt!
I wanted to create a little newsletter myself, where I just ramble about tech and the current stuff that’s going on. Most tools are more oriented towards marketing, and the other ones were mostly outdated or hard to use.

???? microletter has a fresh, easy to use UI. It’s a charm to use, not only for you, but also for your readers. It has all you need to get started with a mini newsletter!

✨ microletter is open source! I hope that I can build a little community around it, with code contributions and feature requests. (https://github.com/berrysauce/mi…)

???? microletter is available today on Deta Space (https://deta.space). It runs in Space on your infrastructure, without maintenance, for free. You control your instance and can directly view & access the data microletter stores. I’ve worked together with the team behind Space in July to get microletter ready!

So feel free to try it out! I’m happy to hear from you, and I’m looking forward to your feedback! ❤

– berrysauce




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