Mint Club — No-code crypto builder with instant liquidity

Mint Club is a place where anyone with an idea can create a token economy.

From the very first day, we have been focused on making the DApp (Decentralized Application) simple and easy to use for people without any technical background. Mint Club will enable anybody to turn their ideas into a token economy, even if they can’t code and don’t have funds for liquidity.

Mint Club platform provides:

* No code BEP20 token creation – Like a WYSIWYG token builder
* Instantly tradeable without providing liquidity pools (powered by the price bonding curve and MINT collateral contract)
* Seamless UX for anyone (really)

We believe that the complexity of decentralisation has been the biggest barrier of mass-adoption. Via Mint Club, we aim to expand the world of tokenization and make it accessible to all.

– Younghwi Cho




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