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Hello Everyone! ????

First of all, thanks for hunting Moodie!

We are excited to share the V2.0 of Moodie with this amazing community. We have added tons of features since our MVP (Basic Bare Bones Version).

We have built out most of the features from our roadmap and feedback loop from our year of testing.

Here are the updates:

???? All-new design from the ground up
????Proprietary Mood Score
???? Proprietary Mood Check-in process
???? Proprietary Connect to Clinician
???? New insights like nothing else you have seen
???? Customized the onboarding
???? Made it super user friendly for everyone
???? Ability to add a wearable
???? Add your health data from Apple Health
???? All new journal that you don’t even have to type
???? Unique Correlation Engine
???? Unique achievements
???? Machine Learning built in to identify negative thought loops

– Richard Wilson




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