Pinglr 2.0 — Learn more in less time

Hi, product hunt!

I’m so happy to launch Pinglr!

Let me share my story of why I created Pinglr. I have been someone who regularly spends hours on Youtube trying to learn something new and random since I was like 10. Soon, I found myself transformed into a ‘productivity nerd’ and so, one day, I took a step back and noticed that my time spent on youtube is mostly a waste of time. There are too many distractions. So many of the videos I watch are repetitive and derivative of others. How do I optimize it?

I imagined a product like Pinglr for a long time, unsatisfied with what I found, I went to create my own!

And now I’m here offering my solution to the world. This version of Pinglr is way better than the last! We took feedback from all our users and refined Pinglr to be easier to use.

If you’re interested in learning and upskilling, give it a go! Right now, you can essentially pay $0 and still get lifetime access.

How? We’re offering a one-time payment of $10 which you can earn back through a challenge and referral (see more details on the website)

Hope you love it as much as I do! Feel free to share any feedback 🙂

– Samay Sanghvi




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