Reunacy — Bring your people together after a long year apart

Hey All! Long-time user, first-time launcher. Really excited to share a product I helped co-create aimed at helping us all reconnect after a loooong and challenging year apart.

Reunacy was born because we were very frustrated with social media platforms that are all centered around endless content streams and annoying ads, and other event and group apps that are wildly overcomplicated or super expensive.

We wanted a simple, easy, and private way to reconnect with friends, family, classmates, colleagues, and more.

From the start, we designed Reunacy with a clear focus on what’s most important – people.

We want to make it easy to put faces with names, and quickly discover or just remember who people are. And then of course creating events to actually reconnect, whether that’s still virtual over Zoom or now, *gasp*, in person again!

There’s nothing worse or more uncomfortable than being at an event or get-together and not remembering who people are or important life details that you should know but have forgotten.

Reunacy is the perfect cheatsheet in your pocket before, during, and after events to make sure you can make the most of your time with the people you care about.

And right now it’s totally free to use. We have some plans for a paid version and lots of other awesome features, but right now we just want people to reconnect!

– Clay Ostrom




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