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Hello Product Hunt,

???? Anthony here, founder of Slive, a new live streaming platform where you can discover, subscribe and watch online events all in one platform.

???? I have been working on Slive for almost a year, and I can’t express the level of excitement I feel today by presenting you the new release of the Beta. Many of you have been supporting us from the beginning and a huge thanks for this!

???? Why Slive?
Slive is born from a love for live talks on entrepreneurship. Last year, while I was searching for conferences to watch, I found it painful to use a different bunch of platforms (Eventbrite, Zoom, LinkedIn etc.) to discover, subscribe and watch an online event. That’s why I created Slive, to make this process much easier and improve the viewer experience by offering a lot of new features.

With Slive you can (some of the features are not yet available on the BETA):
– Easily discover live talks that match your interests
– Follow and connect with Speaker you love
– Stay up to date on your favorite event
– Subscribe in few clicks to an event
– Network in real-time
– Find suggestions of live talks in your watchlist
– Quickly access replay content

???? As a speaker, you can easily host an upcoming or live event.

Right now, a first BETA is available with the most basic features (you can create and watch live with a Q&A, subscribe to upcoming live). Much more features are to come! Check it out:

???? What’s next?
– Raise funds to build the full version of the platform
– Welcome amazing speakers on Slive

I look forward to hearing your ideas and feedback ???? Together we are gonna level up our experience of the online events! A big thanks to all.

– Anthony Losso




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