Visualize Widget into Your Website — One widget for all your needs Feedback, Tickets and Guides

Hello Everyone! ????

We’re super excited to launch a preview tool that will help you visualize our support widget to your website????.

We are continuing with our journey of creating the most easiest way through which you can solve all the needs of your customer be it getting feedback, or asking questions, or reading interactive help guides and we would like you to join us????

Why This? What’s the deal? ????

When you want your product to be scalable you will want something more than just having a help desk solution or Live Chat. There are many scenarios where help desk or live chat are not useful like handling duplicate or solved issues where you have to manually answer all tickets.

Live chat or HelpDesk are inefficient when we want some opinion on upcoming features with all our users or having a community of your product users.

You will need a solution from which your customer can share an idea, view the roadmap of your product, ask questions or read interactive help guides.

What’s is the USP? (Unique Selling Point)

We have merged the concept of Feedback and Tickets (Fee – Kets).

In our system ticket is nothing but private feedback which admin has the option to make its visibility public when it gets closed so that other users can get help from it or discuss it.

In this way, your new users won’t have to ask the same questions again and can help themselves by reading solved issues.

With just 1 line code you can integrate from which your customer can create Tickets, Feedbacks, or read self-help articles.

Is it a new alternative for Intercom or other Live Chat Software?

No, Intercom or other live chat software is primarily built for your landing page and helps in boosting conversions.

Our widget is designed to cater to the needs of your signed-up users who are already using your product and want to share feedback, or raise tickets, or read help guides.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts and get your feedback in the comments below.????
If you have any questions – we are here all day to answer all of them!

As a thank you to the Product Hunt community, we are giving our 3 years plan a 50% discount at $99 USD only with the code HUNT50????

A huge thank you to our team @ravigupta9363 @nikita_mittal1 @erishiraj for making it possible ????

– Robins Gupta




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