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I’m Braydon – the creator of WebWall. I’ve been building WebWall since December 2020. I started working on WebWall after not being satisfied with the transparency of how my data was being used and my browsing behavior was being tracked while browsing the web.

I’d recently become aware of just how much information is going to so many 3rd party analytics services, geo trackers, data scrapers and fingerprinting services on basically every single site on the web that I wanted to build something that would act as both a lens into what was happening, and a way to block any unnecessary use of my data or browsing behavior.

WebWall is a Google Chrome extension that lives as a tiny icon in the bottom right corner of every web page. Clicking the icon pulls up the WebWall menu that shows exactly where your data is going on any website you view.

By default, WebWall will automatically learn and block suspicious network requests that look to be attempts to transact your information on behalf of the website you’re viewing with other 3rd parties that aren’t necessary for the functionality of the site you’re on. These are often transactions of your data and browsing habits that there’s no direct way to opt out of, and websites do not make clear in any way that they share.

Another really important piece of building WebWall was to create it in such a way that it never needs to transact any of your information or browsing data in order to function. It’s a standalone extension that lives solely in your browser, it doesn’t rely on any external servers to function and does not collect any of your information or browsing data.

– Braydon Batungbacal




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