Bonjoro 2.0 — Build amazing customer relationships with video

Hey Product Hunt ????

We’re thrilled to bring you Bonjoro 2.0 on Product Hunt today!

2.0 is our biggest ever update, all designed to help you guys build amazing customer relationships with video. Onboard new customers, book more sales calls, gather customer feedback, all with quick personalized video-emails sent at just the right moment!

Here’s just two new features we think you will love:

1. Next Gen video templates

Next-gen video templates let you embed video playlists, and other apps right below your personalized videos to help your leads and customers take action.

Here’s 3 awesome use-cases for this feature (see the pics above for visual examples):

✅ Onboard new customers at scale with video playlists
✅ Book more calls with embedded calendar apps
✅ Gather customer feedback with embedded survey apps

2. Workflow filters

Workflow filters let you send video-emails to specific customers based on applying conditional logic to your Bonjoro workflows.

Here’s 3 great use-cases for this feature:

✅ Thank buyers based on purchase value
✅ Onboard different user types with unique messaging
✅ Assign new leads to team members in the right timezone

If you’re new to Bonjoro, we have a 14-day free trial so you can experience everything for yourself.

We’d love for you to give us feedback in the comments below – positive or negative! The entire Bonjoro team will be around today to read your comments and answer your questions ????

P.S. Big Bonjoro bear-hugs to the entire PH community who have supported us so well this past 5 years ???? ❤️

– Oliver Bridge




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