Kornia — Computer vision library for deep learning

Hi hunters!

I’m the creator and CEO of Kornia.org. We are very excited to join this community and share with you few words about the Kornia universe.

Kornia is an Open Source Computer Vision library built on top of PyTorch in order to marry and leverage the Computer Vision and Deep Learning communities.

Our library it’s highly inspired in OpenCV in order to perform low level computer vision within neural networks which can be used for several applications such as in robotics, IoT and/or VR/AR.

In addition to that, our mission is also to start providing different tools and functionalities, as well as curated algorithms useful for the vision community. It’s also in our roadmap courseware and active contributions to the research community.

Feel free to reach us for further collaboration, join our Slack channel, GitHub or keep an eye on our Twitter handle for more updates.

Finally, in behalf of the whole Kornia team, if you like what we do and want this to remain, check our Open Collective link for donations.

???? https://opencollective.com/kornia


Edgar – CEO @ Kornia.org

– Edgar Riba




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