LLC Toolkit — Register Delaware LLC with zero fees

???? Existing platforms like Clerky and Atlas oversell you a company formation.
After filing the paperwork, you have to do a ton of changes, hire lawyers to customize it.

???? You end up spending time and money…

???? LLC Toolkit is a dead-simple company formation with zero overhead!

???? Robb Miller spent 15 years helping other companies succeeded and the legal framework he prepared is bulletproof.

???? We are building in public!

???? Follow our journey for more perks!

Our journey so far:
???? Signed up for OnDeck’s Global Build Week
???? Had our first team call last Tuesday
???? Created plan this Monday
???? Launched landing page and templates on Tuesday
???? Got first 5 customers within hours after
???? Launched ProductHunt 24 hours later

Much love ❤️
LLC Toolkit Team

– Eugene Hauptmann




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