Nanogram Messenger — Better Telegram on Apple Watch

Hi Product Hunt!

I’ve been frustrated by how slow Telegram is on my Apple Watch, and how it doesn’t work at all when I don’t have my phone nearby.

Having an LTE watch and frequently wanting to be phone-less, I first started developing Nanogram for myself.

With Nanogram you can see all your chats, send & receive messages, and even get notifications. It’s also incredibly FAST! ????

As a bonus, it also supports FlickType Swipe Keyboard for faster & more private replies on the go.

Hope you enjoy using this handy little app as much as I do, and let me know if you have any questions! ????

– Kosta

PS: Nanogram communicates directly with Telegram using Telegram’s official SDK, and does not collect any information.

– Kosta Eleftheriou




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