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Hey Product Hunters! ????

My name is Mayank Mishra, Cofounder of Poppins , a product designer and a no-code fellow at OnDeck and today I’m really excited to share my first ever project with the Product Hunt community. ❤️

ProjectHunt is a personal build-in public challenge where I decided to learn, build, validate, ship, and launch a tiny but functional app on Product Hunt 4.0 ???? using no-code tools within two days. ( Day 1 Build, Day 2 Ship & Launch) ????

???? “ProjectHunt is a place to discover top resources on the build-in public and no code.”

Here is how it works?

???? Find curated content on No-code and build in public.
❤️ Upvote the projects you like, find details about the project, the creators, tool stack, etc.
???? Upload your projects on ProjectHunt and get feedback and visibility.
???? Reach out to the builders and users for feedback, queries and connect with them.
✉️ Receive curated content and projects about no code and build in public directly on your inbox.

I invite all of you to give your feedback and suggestions to take this project forward. Do share your projects too, I Will be happy to list them on the platform ????


– Mayank Mishra




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