Aura — See your mood in a whole new light.

We know our mood changes throughout the days. But what if you could see it?

Introducing Aura, an easy to use mood tracking app that takes your daily life’s mood into account. It allows you to understand yourself better and helps you maintain an even mood throughout the day. The app has various features such as graphs, statistics, insights, and ambience sounds to improve your mood.

Add your mood to calendar
It’s super easy to add your mood to the calendar with just few clicks!

Mood History
View your mood history displayed similar to Github contributions or as in a monthly calendar view!

Analyse your mood
View and Analyse your mood in the form of beautiful graphs!

Enhance your mood with Aura
Listen to 20+ ambient noise to enlighten your mood and get relief from stress and anxiety

It’s a Progressive Web App ????
It’s a PWA, it means that you can install the web app into you phone/tab/desktop and use it as a native app!

Checkout the app at:

Upvote and Leave a star to the repo if you like the app 🙂

– Abhinav Rajesh




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