Bodytude — Software to manage your spa and salon business efficiently

Hello Hunters!!!

I am Gaurav, Founder, and CEO at Bodytude.

We are absolutely thrilled to announce Bodytude with you today! Simple, flexible and powerful booking software for your business.

Bodytude takes the pain out of Daily Routing, adds intelligence to your images, and most importantly, saves you time and money with no maintenance past setup.

From the past 5 years, we’ve been Developing powerful salon, spa and other appointment booking and management systems for startups and other clients around the world, and decided to give a tool to everything that helps business owner to easily manage their business.

Our core aim is to provide the best management software that unleashes your business.

Today Bodytude is Used By:

✅ Hair Salons
✅ Barbershops
✅ Nail Salon
✅ Hair Braiding and hairstyles
✅ Tanning Salons
✅ Tattoo and Piercing Studios
✅ Wellness Spa Center
✅ Massage Therapist
✅ Skincare centers
✅ Wellness studio

Get hands-on Bodytude now!

Features that proves Bodytude is the right choice for your business

???? Calendar and appointment management
???? Reports and analytics
???? Inventory management
???? Staff management
???? Customer management
???? Seamless and smooth payment gateways
???? Reviews and ratings
???? Unlimited staff and appointments booking
???? Offers, vouchers, and promo codes
???? Reminders and alerts
???? Reviews, ratings, and testimonials

We believe in making your business the best one. Let us begin our journey by availing of smart and one of the best solutions for your business from us. We extremely hope that Bodytude is the one you are looking for in your business. We assure the quality that maintains dignity in the management of your business. Also, Provide best management tool to your co-workers with one of the smartest and yet easy-to-use solutions in their days at their work leading to an increase in productivity and efficiency.

We would love to hear from you regarding any queries and more information. Will be glad to help.

How to contact support?
Feel free to contact us at

– Gaurav Nagani




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