Career Switch To Coding — Converting newly minted coding skills into a dream career

Hello Hunters ????,

Thanks for popping by to hear about my new book: Career Switch To Coding.

I am a self taught developer and career switcher and for the past year I have been talking to new developers, boot-campers and career switchers through my coding Instagram account, @allthecode and I see the same patterns time and time again for people struggling to get noticed and find their first job, even though their coding skills are awesome.

The vague advice of “make a portfolio and start applying” isn’t good enough and while we have great solutions in place for learning how to code, the resources bridging the gap to getting that first job are still limited.

This book helps people save weeks of job search frustration. It is a 6 part book that will take your from simply knowing how to write code to knowing how to write code AND getting more job offers than you dreamed of.

1️⃣ Foundation: assessing if you have the base skills for the role you want.
2️⃣ Preparation: setting up a compelling online presence and making sure your portfolio projects deliver the most bang for your buck.
3️⃣ Exploration: how to read job adverts, aligning with your previous experience and finding potential employers.
4️⃣ Conversation: how to make initial contact, ask for feedback and start the application process without them even realising.
5️⃣ Execution: how to formally apply, the best routes and maximising for conversion and not simple volume.
6️⃣ Conversion: managing the interview process, preparing for different types of interview and how to ask good questions.

Also includes 2 worksheets:
???? Find your unique skills as a career switcher.
???? Idea generator for portfolio projects.

And 6 email templates from making first contact to accepting or rejecting an offer.

I’d love any and all comments and suggestions.

Available from the main site at $10 off or through Gumroad with the same discount using the code “producthunt”

– Simon Barker




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