FSET — A JSON Schema editor, no more writing json schema by hand

Hi, I am a solo developer, and a first time making my own commercial product called FSET, a series of structure editor. FModel is the first product which is a JSON Schema editor.

JSON Schema has been used in a many products quietly such as

https://vega.github.io/vega-lite for visualization grammar.
https://github.com/SchemaStore/s… for many configurations intellisense on text editors like VSCode and other IDE.

However, writing JSON Schema by hand is cumbersome and error prone, often fall into written schema that is not aligned with intention. FModel picks a nice and sane subset of JSON Schema, and provide visual constraints (structure editing), without having to worry about syntax. And the editor is keyboard driven, make it as productive as working in text editor. We display data in a way that developers are familiar with.

FModel currently exports JSON Schema draft-2020-12 https://fset.app/docs#fmodel_to_… Let me know how can we make interoperability better for your workflow. Feedbacks will be very appreciated.

There will be more editors coming to FSET, and I would like make FModel stable and a bunch of workflow before building another editor on top of this core.


– fifwb




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