SideNotes 1.3 — Quick Notes on Screen Side

Hi ????

You like sticky notes? We kind of. But usually they are messy. 
For quick daily notes we wanted to have something agile and nice (as most of our notes are short but urgent and must be taken immediately). Honestly, we couldn’t find anything good enough. Apps we used were either to complex and heavy or too poor and limited. And we just wanted to take simple and quick notes without loosing focus. So we thought: Ok, let’s make it our own way! And that’s how SideNotes was born. And now, we’re celebrating the biggest update since the first release. ????

SideNotes keeps handy notes organized in folders. Each note may have a color. Format text using Markdown. Save tasks, pictures, colors (yes, it renders #rrggbb colors!), links and file shortcuts. Drop them or create a note right from the pasteboard content. Application might stay on top of other apps or be gently hidden until you need it. It simply saves thoughts from disappearing!

We use it daily and we love it. It will be our honor if you love it, too. ????

– Marcin Krzywonos




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