Zine — Gain readers and get direct feedback before publishing

Hey Product hunters????,

I am Arnav, the founder of Sqillful, host of Building Something, an undergrad, and an On Deck No-code fellow

???? Why?: So much time is spent on thinking about ideas before writing and publishing posts, e-books, or newsletters that barely gets read by your readers ????

???? Solution?: Why not write what people want by crowdsourcing ideas and getting real-time feedback before even clicking that publish/send/post button????

As one of my co-makers said, “there is no such thing as Writer’s Block when you have a community behind you — cheering you on.”

That’s exactly what we built over at Zine????????‍????

???? Designed from a writer’s perspective, Zine allows you to gain readers and direct writing feedback before even publishing????

We are working on this as a part of the Global Build Weekend at On Deck!????

Here’s our timeline so far:

????Monday: team meeting and ideation????

????Wednesday: Launched the landing page and finalized the specs????????‍????

????Thursday: Built an MVP, launched, and have beta testers????

Looking forward to your feedback????

Global Build Weekend – Team 1 – Zine

– Arnav Bathla




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