Founder’s Prenup — Dating Co-Founders? Secure what’s yours!

Happy Saturday ProductHunt! ????

What a beautiful day to think about legal risk attached to working with potential Co-Founders ☀️

It’s not often talked about publicly but intellectual property gets violated, verified ideas get stolen and people get pushed out of founding teams FREQUENTLY… ????

Nina, Mahir, Priya and I have developed the FOUNDER’S PRENUP to set the work relationship between two potential Co-Founders on solid legal ground.

Who needs it❓
???? You worked on your idea already? You want to test drive a new Co-Founder? It’s for you!

Why sign it❓
???? Protect what you got so far, reduce legal risk substantially, start building together immediately

It covers:

✅ Protect your current IP and your startup from future IP claims
✅ Align incentives through our innovative compensation structure
✅ Avoid home-made competition through our comprehensive NDA
✅ Create your custom collaboration agreement and start building within 1h
???? All of the above for the fraction of a cost of involving a lawyer


???? 50% OFF: Sign up on our waitlist today and SAVE 50% on your first Prenup ????
???? ????


We are working on this as a part of the Global Build Weekend at On Deck!????

– Johannes Benjamin




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