Polotno SDK — Toolkit to create web design editors

Hi! ✋ I am Anton, founder of Polotno Project. You can use Polotno SDK to add full canvas editor in your web-application. Most of the features that you expect to work for such an app will just work out of the box. Using customization abilities, you can build your own interface with your own branding around Polotno Editor.

Polotno SDK is designed to work with React framework.

Why I made Polotno SDK?

While working as a freelancer web-developer, I made many graphical applications similar to canva.com. Also, as the maintainer of https://konvajs.org/ JavaScript library, I see a large need from different businesses to have some kind of graphic designer widget in their web-applications. Printing? Yes! Designs for E-commerce? Yes! Images for social medial? Yes!

How does it look?

If you want to see all features available in Polotno SDK you can try its sandbox application https://studio.polotno.dev/. There are no paywalls, no ads and no logins to use Polotno Studio. Just try it!

Polotno SDK has a free tier for non-commercial projects or for development.

I have a lot of ideas on how to make Polotno better. But I am very excited to share with you its current state.

– Anton Lavrenov




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