Affirm — Develop positive thinking with personalized affirmations

Hi PH! ????

Here is a simple but effective little app that can get your into the positive state of mind in seconds!

⭐️ An affirmation is a simple but powerful statement that helps strengthen the connection between your unconscious mind and your conscious mind.

????The more you strengthen this connection the more resilient you will be when difficult or challenging circumstances.

???? “How is this app different?” We provide a little test to to assess your mental health. Based on the result the app will create personalized content that will help you achieve your personal goals.

???? While you are practicing affirmations, you can listen to a relaxing music that helps you focus.

???? Add widgets to your home screen so you can feel empowered every time you unlock your phone.

⏰ Get “Happy reminders” with your daily affirmations.

Please go ahead and try it! Happy to hear your thoughts!

– Aleksandr Lanin




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