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Hello Everyone!

As a working professional, Mom, and now as a Founder, I have goals I want to achieve in various areas of my life, including my health, career, finance, and family. It was overwhelming to balance my life and keep track via traditional to-do lists and other applications, which is why I created OKRsHub.

OKRsHub is for people like you and me – freelancers, solopreneurs, multi-taskers, founders, and professionals who love to take on and achieve a lot! You get to create your personal or business mission, vision, core values, long-term, short-term goals and keep track of it.

OKRsHub is an interactive and engaging platform that can encourage you to stay on track with your goals – even the audacious ones. Here’s how it’s different and better:

????????‍♀️ One app to track it all – track and visualize ALL your goals at the same place. You get to see how far you’ve come with all your goals on an interactive dashboard.

????️ Set Annual and Quarterly Goals. The timing, the objectives and the outcomes are all up to you to customize!

✅ Weekly Check-ins. Check-ins with yourself about how you did, what you can do better and changing up your strategy helps you stay consistent when you’re feeling unmotivated.

????Insights – Get customized charts based on your progress so you can visualize for a better future.

???? Our unique 5 step process helps solopreneurs, employees and ambitious individuals to define outcome-oriented goals, and achieve them.

???? Clutter-free design that helps you visualize your life clearly.

Introductory Offers:

1. FREE Trial Period. Want to sign up and play around with the app? We’re currently offering a 30-day no-commitment trial period. No credit card required

2. 50% OFF Discount For the first 500 Users once you sign up as a paid user! Here is the promo code : ProdHunt50, Limited to First 500 Users

What’s Next:

Startup Edition – OKRs Software & Coaching for Teams, Startups, and Small Businesses.
Enterprise Edition – OKRs Software & Coaching for Enterprises

Follow us on https://twitter.com/OKRsHubHQ

– Laks




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