— Agent based database, file and server backup infrastructure

Hey PH! ????????

Are you building a new startup or running a big business already? Do you have a good backup plan in place? – Why not let us handle that all for you, at we have crafted a solution to handle all your backup operational needs.

If you are building or running a startup, the last thing you want to worry about is securely and properly performing database backups, file or server backups, but it is essential. Losing customer data can be detrimental to your core business, protect it with a proper long term solution.

Dan and myself built because data is becoming more and more important to us, we wanted a solid way to make sure we protect all our customers data with one platform to handle it all. That is why we built, we want to share a solution which helps thousands of other developers secure their users data and let founders, engineers, developers and marketers focus on their core product, not data management and backup tools and software.

???? You get these great features on any plan you choose ????

– MySQL Backups
– PostgreSQL Backups
– MongoDB Backups
– File & Directory Backups
– Retention Policies
– Secret Management
– Snapshot Backups (Hetzner, DO, AWS etc.)
– Geo Redundant Backups
– Triple Replication
– Backup Restores
– Server Monitoring
– 100% data ownership
– Multiple Storage Providers Supported

At we aim to keep giving you more features. We are a long term backup solution, helping you stay focused on your product and giving you peace of mind, knowing you have proper data backups in place.

Always reach out if you have questions, we love talking to users and hearing your ideas! The best way to stay connected is following us on Twitter:

If doesn’t fit your needs or work with your system currently, let us know and we’ll make it work!

If you choose us, we will always have a support team on hand to handle any backup migrations from any platform or current system, onboarding is free!

Happy backing up! ????
Also come join our web developer community and talk about how boring data backups are

– Luke Embrey




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