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Medflix is the world’s #1 live streaming app for doctors with new sessions added everyday, and loved by 70,000+ doctors and premier institutions and associations. Medflix helps doctors discover top-class live discussions, debates, surgeries, practice updates and much more from the best experts worldwide. With a refreshing line-up of talks, a highly engaging audience experience and top practice experts, Medflix is changing how doctors stay updated.

💬 Built for interactivity, you will never feel alone in a Medflix discussion – express yourself with emojis, share on-screen comments, take polls and get on-stage up close with the who’s who of modern Medicine!

📽️ Discover & consume short, insightful snippets from past sessions with Medflix Reels

🙋 Participate in LIVE quiz, answer MCQs with other attendees and test your knowledge.

📝 Browse from a collection of 250+ highly-rated discussions on a wide variety of topics such as “Interpretation of CBC and newer parameters”, “Prescription errors in the elderly”, “Omicron, Vaccination and the way forward”, “Newer anti-Diabetics”, “Vaginal vault prolapse”, “Recent advances in Epilepsy”, “Bypass surgery vs Angioplasty”, “Smile designing” and many more

💸 In addition to clinical topics, discover from a range of useful topics for doctors across Finance (“Top 5 mistakes to avoid”, “Stock market investing basics for doctors”) , Practice Management (“Digitise your practice”), Technology in healthcare (“AI in Surgery”, “Top 20 Powerpoint hacks”) and Medicolegal aspects (“The dilemma of Consent”) and other topics of importance in daily practice

▶️ Access all your sessions with a single click from the Replay section, with an option to playback at faster speeds, save data with data saver mode and download and save presentations

🎯 Set monthly learning goals and track your progress; earn 🥋 belts every month and compare your learning activity with doctors across the world

📃 Access certificates in your profile to share your learning achievements with the world

🎁 Win exciting prizes every week by answering quizzes and polls in the sessions

💬 Share feedback, ask questions, connect with the team directly from inside Medflix

– Lakshay Chotiya




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